Svenja Glemser saw the light of the day in Cologne
Germany as Svenja Schmitz. At an early age she received a
work bench from her father as a present. This had a great
impact on the rest of her life. She started loving to create things
with her hands.

After having worked at the TV Station WDR she attended the
Stollwerkschule Cologne where she began experimenting
with drawing. Svenja then moved to Hamburg where she spent
three years working in a commercial film production.

Thereafter she felt drawn to go and live in London where
she lead the life of an assistant director and attended
sculpture and life modelling classes at Chelsea and
Kensington Art College

Following her beloved partner to Stuttgart Svenja decided to
set up her own workspace as a sculptor. At the same time she
took part in various sculpture classes at the Art School
with HWD Diedenhofen. In search for the right
material she tried out clay, various stones, concrete and
plaster. In the end she discovered that she could express her-
self the best with wood.

Her first solo exhibitions followed shortly afterwards.

In order to study sculpture at the European Art School with
Webel/Rübsam she then relocated to Trier. After gradu-
ating she moved to Hessian Darmstadt and had her first child.
Her second child followed six years later.

Her tallest sculpture came into existence at an art symposium
in the Orangerie in Darmstadt.

The artist built up her own workspace in Darmstadt and
pays tribute to her love for wood.

Svenja currently enjoys living and operating in Darmstadt.

Her latest exhibition was beautifully displayed in the Hofgut
Guntershausen in Stockstadt am Rhein.